Chatroulette: Redux.

An interesting video from one of the Neistat Brothers which briefly documents the aforementioned Chatroulette and proves some of the theories I held about this fascinating website:

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Also, Chatroulette Missed Connections, a site helping re-unite disconnected chatters has inevitably been set up to give true love a second chance.

Best Rube Goldberg EVAR.

THIS is what you can achieve with a degree in engineering......


Chatroulette.  Is there any simpler premise for guaranteed fun?

In my day, when all this were fields, we'd hang out or sleep over at a mate's house and insult random peons from other countries via IRC.  But this is 2010, and we live in the broadband generation, where images of your naked genitals can be instantly beamed around the world into the eyes (and unfortunately memories) of innocent chatters!

Chatroulette - for the uninformed - is a site which simply connects you (your webcam/microphone/computer) to somebody else (and their webcam/microphone/computer) from anywhere in the world at random. Once connected, you can talk, wave, type, discuss life and so on. It seems like a great idea in principle. Alas, it seems the only spanner in the works are us - human beings. The exact same people that used to insult randoms on IRC chatrooms are grown up and still insulting people via videochat, only now they've got their wangs out. You're able to withhold video/audio data if you should so choose, but most allow full coverage, which means that a quick skip through the lines of people eager to chat reads like a game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose'. Except, instead of a duck, it's a man's penis.  And instead of a duck, it's a man's penis.  And instead of a goose, it's a pedophile.  I should say now - this site is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Society as a whole can be a pretty freaky-ass place, but I like to think the breakdown of the site is quite similar to a pool of humanity in the 'real world' - 20% weirdos, 75% people making fun of the weirdos, 4% nice human beings and 1% beautiful women.  I was lucky enough to chat to one of the 1% tonight, but more on that later....

The site seems fairly unpoliced; you don't have to register; you don't need to provide any details.  There's no sign in, no logging of your personal data of any kind, so it seems.  I'm not one to quash freedom of speech, especially not on the internet, but to have such weird and offensive content accessible in the same place as innocent wholesome content is a veritable legal landmine.  Suffice it to say, I wouldn't let my kids go near the site - if I had any - until I had at least had a chance to talk to them - and I have NO idea how that conversation would go.....

" you're gonna see some things.....terrible things......but if you're really brave and reeeeaaally lucky, you might just make a friend!"

It's really not worth the risk.

There are, however, a few good souls online.  I was one, and she - let's call her 'Sonic Youth Fan' - was another.  She was from New York, so naturally I struck up a conversation about my love of all things American.  Read the full, uncensored, unedited conversation after the jump.....


Lost, the show that launched a thousand questions, is finally back on air for its final season. And I'm loving every minute of it.

I just wanted to take a moment - I couldn't not, really - to share these amazing Lost illustrations created by someone called Grickle:

Only In Gateshead...

I'm so proud to hail from Gateshead.

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